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Davorin Zalokar

Davorin Zalokar

I was born on 31st January 1977,in Kranj. My mother Helen, and my father Milan are both from Bohinj. My childhood was constantly linked with nature and at that time I had subconscious feelings for it. My sporting path started as soon as I entered Janez Mencinger elementary school in Bohinjska Bistrica. My parents enrolled me in a Ski running club, but due to improper approach to the sport, I stopped training.

When I was in the 7th grade, I first felt a deeper desire for martial arts. I think it was the martial arts movies that awakened the spark inside me. As soon as I finished elementary school I summoned up the courage to enroll in the Bohinj Karate club, whose coach was Slavko Zorko. I went on to secondary school for toolmakers in Jesenice, with the intention of applying to Borovlje, Austria to complete a special training course to become a gunmaker-weaponry spealialist. After graduating from secondary school, conditions in Austria changed, and I decided to join the army. Even there, when I got the title  of mechanic for infantry arms, I could not find a connection to modern weaponry. The deeper meaning of that desire came after some time,  leading me to unveiling skills with ancient weaponry, such as swords, sabres, spears, sticks and similar.

Slavko Zorko saw great potential in me and started directing me towards the greatest masters, who marked my sporting and personal career. I passed the examination for black belt 1.Dan  in Shotokan Karate with master Paolo Bolaffion in Čakovec, Croatia, in 1995. After the exam I entered some big competitions and achieved some great results. All of those competitions pulled me into their world higher, faster and stronger, however the appeal of karate as a skill, began to lose its appeal.

In 1998 I participated in the world championship in Paris, France. I strived for success but a sequence of coincidences proved to be a valuable lesson. Due to a disappointing result, the world of competitions and awards suddenly disappeared, and a new world of struggle, within myself and  within the study of karate as a martial art, suddenly opened up new doors for me.

I was elected president and head coach of the Bohinj Karate club in 1999. I quit the job I had and accepted my new career. In my new role I began to search for a deeper meaning in martial arts. I was introduced to three chinese inner martial arts. Tai Chi Chuan, which once presented only a slow exercise for me, now began to change my understanding of karate and life. At the beginning I only used to teach Tai Chi Chuan in Bohinj and Jesenice, but I soon began to share the knowledge of Tai chi also in Bled and Radovljica.

Master Paolo Bolaffio accepted me as one of his students in Trieste in 2001, and this gesture opened up for me a new world of Karate, Tai chi, Ping Ci and Pa Kwa

I got married to Tanja in August, 2003. First there were two worlds but now the two worlds were joined into one.

Master Paolo Bolaffio started teaching a new style of karate in his school in Trieste in 2004. He connected chinese principles with principles of ancient Okinawa styles and named the new style Makotokai Karate Do. All of the trainings I knew by then were now past for me. When I was driving back home from Trieste, after a hard training session, I heard a voice in my head asking me,  "do I really have to do this?".

In 2006 Bohinj, Radovljica and Lesce became the center of my teachings of karate, tai chi, and in 2008 Pa Kwa Chang.

My wife and I received an ivaluable gift in 2009. Our son has shown us the true joy of life and a different view of the world.

I passed psychologically, the toughest examination for the master of Makotokai Karate 5.Dan in 2010. At the international seminar in Bohinj, in 2010, I also received a title 4.Chieh (4.Dan in Karate) in Tai Chi.

In the late summer of 2010 Karate Club Bohinj encountered several issues that needed to be solved. Due to disagreements between members of Karate club, a radical change needed to be made in order to continue developing the club in the future. As the president and head coach of the club I introduced my own programs and guidelines, which were not accepted. Due to mistrust of members of the club of my new programmes, I decided to resign from the position of president and head coach, and left the Bohinj Karate club to new leadership.
In April 2011 I started my own program. The main goal, in addition to teaching martial arts and therapeutic skills, is finding the essence of human existence.

I am grateful for the joy that I have shared, for the hard times I had to suffer and for all the tests that I had to stand, for I have learnt the boundlessness of the universe, of nature, of the human body and spirit.

I want to thank those who have helped me in many ways and are still continuing to help me.

Davorin Zalokar

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