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Pa Kwa Chang

Pa Kwa Chang

Pa Kwa Chang, or the hand of eight trigrams,  is one of the three deepest and most effective inner martial arts in China. Theoretical foundations are written in a thousand year old book of changes – Yi Jing. Eight directions are centered to the center of a circle of the two opposite poles. In exchanging of circular, spiral and direct forces various new doors are opening up for a world of changes and refinement of energy.

Pa Kwa Chang is one of the most mystical arts, because nothing is known about its origin. It is the art of air, nonpalpability and boundlessness.

The main principles in performing Pa Kwa Chang art are: creating and maintaining a strong center (tan tien), harmonious transfer of forces through hands, feet, head and body into the core  and out.

Pa Kwa Chang is the most pretentious psychophysical art. Despite the fact that arms, legs, head and body are connected with the center, they are independent of each other.

This means that each part creates its own story of circular and spiral forces. When a force like that enters the center, a strong centripetal and centrifugal force emerges. Due to sudden changes and forces that act on our body, it demands from the performer has a good physically prepared body.

Pa Kwa Chang is special, because of its immediate learning of physically pretentious and coordinationally pretentious movements. For that reason,  we first start with training, when we have gotten a good foundation in one of many arts of movement.

Because of its longevity and maximum energy flow between all martial arts, I would recommend it to people who are willing to detect higher worlds and vibrations.

asis. Davorin Zalokar 1. Ji

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