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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan, or the art of the highest polarity, is founded on the principles of the two poles Ying and Yang, elements of air, earth, water, fire and metal. In China Tai Chi Chuan is recognized as one of the three inner martial arts, which beside its effectiveness, connects a man with sky and earth. Its roots date back thousands of years, whose main foundations were supposedly built up by the taoist priest Chang San Feng. The art of that time was called Wudang Pai (martial arts from the Wudang mountains) and spread and formed different styles and schools (Jang, Chen, Wu, Sun, Li,…). The previous name was thought to have changed to Tai Chi Chuan in the 50's.

Tai Chi movement is very soft, harmonious, sometimes even explosive. Every directed force converts into circular and each circular into a direct one. It strengthens our center and body and roots it deeply into the ground. Any contradictions there are, are combined with harmonious dance and mutual nourishment. It connects our body parts into a strong chain of muscle energy and improves physical form. It is the guardian of balance and peace.

At the beginning, Tai Chi training includes learning the basics of movement, stretching, relaxation and softness through forms (several movements connected with entirety with defined purpose). At a second level we get to know three basic principles of movement (center, roots and harmony). Moving on to level three, we start to deepen our study of movement by incorporating different principles. Level four and level five teach us to maintain harmony in a fight with the opponent, or ourselves. Level six, seven and eight teach us how to closely link-up with nature and the universe. Level nine is the last one and is a crossing to …

I teach according to the original way of master Paolo Bolaffio, who was the first non chinese person to take over a 700 year old school called Nei Chi (inner martial art – Tai Chi, Pa Kwa, Xing Yi) from the Ho family in 2009.

There are many ways,  but the right ones are those that begin in ourselves. In the art of Tai Chi Chuan we can find one of them that will help us in our career.

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